Make your research more valuable
with ABLE Labs

Lab automation is key to innovative bioscience research.
We provide liquid handling robots and protocols
so that all researchers around the world can focus on constructing assay,
leaving the execution to high precision robots.​

Through robotics, big data and computation,
days of labor intensive lab experiments will be a thing of the past.


Innovation in Lab, Automation

Numerous bio researchers around the world do many of their experiments manually.
Which depends solely on researcher's skill. It raises reproducibility problems in experiments; repetition of the same experiment always shows different outcome. Manually handling large numbers of sample​ poses issue of low throughput. Handling small amount of liquid with a high pace is almost beyond-human level. Automation of manufacturing, logistics, and data processing, has dramatically changed or lives. Now, it's the time to shine the light of automation over bio-experiments.

Big Data through automation

If liquid handling robot could reach 10 to 100 times larger throughput than manual experiments, reliability of the test result could reach at an unprecedented level. Researchers' time will be spent on designing assays and processing data, not manually pipetting thousands of samples. Bio-big data collected through automated experiments will come up with fascinating new discovery in bioscience.

Computation based bio research

Numerous experimental data generated through automation
enables computation-based bio research.
Predictive models and algorithms developed through data computation
will bring innovation in bio research.



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